Fantasy Garden Centers

Fantasy Garden Centers is a Direct Dealer of Magic Carpet Fertilizers. Landscapers can pick up at our 2 convenient locations in Oakville and Brampton. See CONTACT AND LOCATIONS. Call for Bulk Pricing.

Magic Carpet 25-5-10 with 65% XCU slow release is famous for enhancing and feeding your lawns in early Spring and through the Summer! 

We carry many other products like 25-5-10 65% ECU with 1% Iron

Also 16-16-16 65% XCU and All Purpose great for Trees and Shrubs.

Also 10-10-10 All Purpose which is great for your Vegetable Gardens!

Also 19-19-19 All Purpose which is great for, Perennials, Flower Beds, Strawberry Plants and Fruit Trees.

Also “Pet Friendly” 21-1-9 Good and Green Organic Lawn Fertilizer.

Enhance and Feed Your Lawn in Early Spring with 25-5-10, Two Applications through the Summer and One Application in the Fall with Magic Carpet 10-5-25 Fall Fertilizer!

This BRAMPTON  Home owner in Castlemore Estates faithfully uses Magic Carpet Fertilizer and the results are amazing!

Get a 25KG Bag of MAGIC CARPET Grass Fertilizer 25-5-10  65% XCU at our Brampton Location for Only $34.99

Call Frank at 416-684-4054

Visit Fantasy Garden Center at 1729 Queen St. East on the South West Corner of Queen St. and Bramalea Rd.

Get a 25KG Bag of MAGIC CARPET Grass Fertilizer 25-5-10  65% XCU at our Oakville Location for Only $34.99

Call Dan at 416-989-8416

Visit Fantasy Garden Center at 447 Speers Road Oakville at the Rear of the Building.

FALL Selection Chart:

Size: Type: Price:
25KG 20-5-10  50% CRN $29.99
25KG 25-0-5  25%UFLEXX/25%CRN $29.99
25KG 25-5-10  65% CRN $34.99
25KG 25-5-10 65% CRN with 1% Iron $38.99
25KG 24-1-9 Maple Organic 50% UFLEXX $38.99
25KG 10-10-10 (Vegetable) $24.99
25KG 16-16-16 65% CRN $39.99
25KG 19-19-19 $36.99
25KG 46-0-0 UREA $34.99
25KG 6-24-24 $36.99
25KG 8-32-16 $36.99



Call Danny at 416-989-8416 for more information.